The most common attack vector in any security scenario is through social engineering – exploiting people. This may be through e-mail, telephone, or in-person. LTPCGO can educate your workforce to defend from these threats. A presentation based on an initial day visit will target your company specifically and set the platform for activities, focusing on weaknesses detected. This may include further activities based around worksheets, practical demonstrations via a website, and real-world examples generated from the outcomes of the initial visit, bespoke to your company. A report generated from the initial visit will provide ‘best practice’ guidelines and recommendations.

Data Security

Data is the currency of the fourth industrial revolution, and as such has become a prime target for criminals. LTPCGO can ensure your compliance with the standard for information security, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, examining data transmission, storage, backup, encryption and retrieval, with technical recommendations given as a result. This gap analysis is an essential first stage to certification with recommended nationally accredited partners based on country, region, and business size.


The General Data Protection Regulation is the most significant change in data protection in over 20 years. Breaching this regulation can result in fines of €20 million or 4% of global turnover, whichever is greater. If your company operates in Europe it must comply with GDPR. LTPCGO can implement the protections needed on your websites regarding cookies, ensure persons have the right to access their data in accordance with the regulations as well as the right ‘to be forgotten’, and ensure privacy by design is incorporated into systems going forward. LTPCGO can act as a data protection officer (a GDPR requirement), providing consultation support and management of data breach notifications and customer data access as required.

Cloud Security

Having infrastructure available on the cloud via services such as Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows your company to grow quickly and efficiently without worrying about hardware costs or in-house server management. LTPCGO can ensure your company’s cloud platform is secure and following best practices, and ensure it stays that way.

Secure Program Design

A website or application is the portal many customers use to access or contact your businesses. It also provides criminals and hackers a way into your business. Developing a website can nowadays be as easy as drag-and-drop, and design fees reflect this. However, if a system stores information, makes use of databases, or communicates with other internal systems, it must be secure so that the wrong information does not fall into the wrong hands. LTPCGO specialises in securing these aspects of websites and programs without having to redesign existing systems or workflows. We can protect it on an ongoing basis via our Cloud Security service.

Penetration Testing

Any input into a product or website can potentially be malicious and used to return unintentional information. LTPCGO will test your systems to ensure that only valid data returns valid responses, and that systems deal with errors appropriately. The result will be a report with recommendations, and implementation can take place via our Secure Program Design service.

Blockchain Security

Blockchains are fundamentally more secure than traditional central stores because the information that a ledger contains exists in many places. The underlying cryptographic principles and the many participants make many of these ledgers difficult (but not impossible) to hack in practical terms. However, flaws can exist in clients, exchanges, and smart contracts. LTPCGO can formally verify smart contracts to ensure mathematically that they contain no flaws outside of the specific scope.

Incident Response

If you detect a breach, then stopping it, understanding it, and fixing it needs to happen fast, as well as determining where any stolen data may have ended up. With knowledge of the latest techniques and tools, as well as those used historically, LTPCGO can begin tracking down the answers to these questions within 24 hours of you getting in touch. We recommend you call for urgent cases.

Legal Comment

Many technical operations, especially in cybersecurity, can be confusing and full of unfamiliar terms, but it is possible to communicate these concepts in familiar ways using a variety of common analogies and ideas. Understanding these concepts is of paramount importance to understanding the world and events around us each day, and LTPCGO can help in communicating these to your business or audience. LTPCGO can also act as expert witnesses in court, especially where the technical limitations of a device or application may be of utmost importance to a case.